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KKR Bright Microlite placa de mármore em pedra / em pedra artificial / em pedra

Descrição do produto

Painéis Translúcidos KINGKONREE \ n Detalhes de Painéis Translúcidos KKR \ n \ n

 Gold Translucent Resin Stone Panel For Wall Decoration


 A.Features & Service  

1.15 Years Manufacturer Experience.


2.CE & SGS Certificate Of Our Products.


3.CNC For Fabricate Special Picture.


4.Free Samples Are Available For Test.


5.More Than 50 Colors For Selection.


6.24 Hours Hot Line & Good After-Sales-Service.


B.Technical  Information

1.density: ≥2.35 (g/cm3).


2. water absorption:≤0.05.


3.Mpa(flexural strength)≥25.00


4.Mpa(compreeive strength) ≥216.


5.Mohs hardness≥5.5.


6.1% H2SO4 (Acid resistance): no reaction.



C. KKR Translucent Panels Advantages

1.High hardness, super wear redsistant.


2.Antimicrobial, protect environment, clenaliness.


3.No radiation, no harm.


4.Acid-resistant alkalis performance.


5.High temerature ferformance.


D. Standar Size & Package & Delievery Time.

1.Size: Length----2440mm, 3050m




2.Package:1).Every piece has PET Covering on all sheets surface.

                    2).Normally ,60pcs was packed onto a pallet.

                    3).Then paperboard protect all sides.

                    4).Reinforce with Straps.


3.Delievery Time: For One 20 Feet Container.

                  ----About 10 working days (less than 3 colours).

                  ----About 15-20 work days within 7 color. 

 Popular colors :

More than 50 colors for choose . 


 KKR Also do match colors from some famoust brands 


\ n Fábrica de Painéis Translúcidos KKR \ n \ n \ n \ n

* Master of advanced manufacturing technology and products in this field


* Strong ability in color matching, new mold-making and special shape product processing


* Skilled and experienced workers, proficient operation of precision tools and equipments to ensure the product made perfectly


* Europe E0 standard preferred packaging material, professional package, professional loading and unloading goods


* 4 steps overall process QC before producing, on-line producing, after producing and loading; supporting full inspection

\ n \ n KKR Ttranslucent PanelsAplicação \ n \ n Os painéis translúcidos KKR são amplamente utilizados como decoração de parede e painéis de parede translúcidos. \ n Também pode usar como bancadas ou tampos de mesa translúcidos especiais, abaixo estão imagens para sua referência. \ n \ n \ n Perguntas frequentes \ n \ n \ n

1. Does it easy yellowing ? 

    The anti-yellowing technology is industry-leading. Slow down the speed of yellowing .

2. What is the warranty? 
    10 Years Limited Warranty High Quality .

3. Does it with color differences?
    Can guarantee no color differences in the same order . 
wing .

4. How abou the Inspection?
    Inspectin 4 times , also, we accept all inspection .

5. Can you provide small samples? 
    Yes. 100*100*12mm, provide free for testing the quality. 
6. Do you have any certificates? 
    Yes. CE / SGS / UV 

7. How many years you do you in this field? 
    With 15 years manufacturer experience

\ n \ n \ n E se você precisar de mais detalhes sobre cores, preço, amostras, entre em contato conosco a qualquer momento! \ n \ n \ n Obrigado \ n \ n \ n KINGKONREE \ n \ n

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